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Time to Shut the Brain Off

by | Apr 12, 2011 |

With one week to go before the Boston Marathon it is time to stop thinking. One of the best lessons I learned from my various coaches over the years came from Irv Ray. He had two mantras that continue to influence my thinking on a regular basis. The first was: “let the training come to you.” Meaning don’t strain to hit times in workouts but rather let your body give you what it has on the day and if you do that it will respond well to training and you will continue to improve. The second: “think a lot about your goal race in your training leading up to the event but then don’t think about the race at all the week of until you start warming up for the race.” Sorry to share your secret coach, but some things are too good to keep secret.

In the past, I have lost a lot of mental and physical energy in the past thinking about how my legs are feeling, how the race will play out, ect. However, when I am able to calmly put my mind to rest over the last week I find that I am not drained on the starting line and have a little extra something that has been conserved over the past week. Practical ways, that I try and not think about how my legs are feeling every day are:

1. Run with people who are up-beat and chatty.

2. If you don’t have a running partner try listening to music

3. Find low key things to do in the extra free time you have from tapering…I like to read books, write, ect.

4. Pursue other things you are passionate about to give you a sense of well roundedness and perspective heading into the race.

5. If you’re feeling nervous, watch a good comedy or funny Youtube videos to give you a few laughs and release some endorphins.

6. Spend extra time with your family and kids